S925 Silver Colorful High Carbon Diamond Exploding Crushed Ice Cut Pigeon Egg diamond Inlaid Closed Ring

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Style: sexy and elegant, European and American fashion

Type: earrings

Style: women’s

Shape: Geometric

Packaging: Individually packed

Inlay material: Inlaid with artificial gemstones/semi-precious stones

Color: Yellow diamond ring No. 5, Yellow diamond ring No. 6, Yellow diamond ring No. 7, Yellow diamond ring No. 8, Yellow diamond ring No. 9, Aquamarine ring No. 5, Aquamarine ring No. 6, Aquamarine ring No. 7, Aquamarine Ring No. 8, Aquamarine Ring No. 9, Mint Green Ring No. 5, Mint Green Ring No. 6, Mint Green Ring No. 7, Mint Green Ring No. 8, Mint Green Ring No. 9

Popular elements: retro

Weight N/A

黄钻戒指5号, 黄钻戒指6号, 黄钻戒指7号, 黄钻戒指8号, 黄钻戒指9号, 海蓝宝戒指5号, 海蓝宝戒指6号, 海蓝宝戒指7号, 海蓝宝戒指8号, 海蓝宝戒指9号, 薄荷绿戒指5号, 薄荷绿戒指6号, 薄荷绿戒指7号, 薄荷绿戒指8号, 薄荷绿戒指9号


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