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Buying jewellery online can be one of the most thrilling experiences, especially when it has been much anticipated and bought with great care and delight. Online shopping has added a new dimension to this fascinating experience of jewellery shopping – size charts.

Anything worn on the body requires proper sizing and fit to look and feel as it should. And jewellery is no different. Understanding jewellery sizing is vital when shopping for jewellery gifts for your special someone. We have good news for you: we can demystify the intriguing world of fashionable jewellery and styling with a few tips on how to measure for the jewellery you plan to buy.

Jewellery sizing is everything when you want to style your look and emphasise your best features. Like contouring with makeup, jewellery can accentuate or minimise the look you want and let you create your signature style.

At BEBI Jewellery, we understand the importance of connecting with your inner self when choosing jewellery. We are serious about helping our loyal customers find the best-in-class styles with the perfect fit for getting the look they cherish.

We have put together this size guide to get you started on your shining journey of finding beautiful jewellery that delights your soul and lets you discover always-on-trend jewellery styling.



Ring sizing is a big step when shopping for rings, especially when the ring is a gift for someone special or a special occasion. If you have found your ring, then allow us to help you choose the perfect ring size. Here we have a few tips to make ring shopping a pleasure.


When shopping for rings online, you have to choose your ring size from a chart. The experience can be daunting, especially if your purchase is significant, like an engagement ring or couples-rings to surprise your loved one.

Online ring size charts differ regionally across the world. BEBI ring sizes are based on the ring’s inner circumference and range from 48 (diameter: 15.3 mm) to 60 (diameter: 19.1 mm). You can quickly identify the equivalent UK or US sizes from the chartto the right.

BEBI Tip: Always choose the next size when buying a statement ring or a broad-banded ring. If you have an in-between measurement, go for the next larger size because it’s easier to resize a bigger ring than replace a smaller one.

The most accurate way to measure your finger size is to use ring sizers – plastic or printed paper-sizers. You can visit a jewellery store to have your ring sized or get a ring sizer online. Another way is to measure the inside diameter of a favourite ring that fits right by placing it on a ruler’s millimeter edge and comparing its diameter to a printable ring sizing chart like the onehere.


Size: Diameter of ring



Size is measured as length of chain when open. Model Height: 5’7”



A necklace can be the focal piece, especially when you want to make a bold statement. We have a splendid collection of chains in varying lengths and thicknesses, perfect for styling your everyday look and adding glitz to your party nights.


When shopping online, a fundamental cause of concern is determining the best length for that lovely necklace and where it will fall when you wear it. Everybody has unique body proportions. The shape of your face, neck and torso length, and your build play a combined role. A necklace of the right size and length can accentuate your neckline, add interest to your outfit, and highlight your best features.

In general, short 45-48 cm necklace chains rest just below your collarbone; medium-sized matinee chains or long 70 cm chains fall between or just below your cleavage, and rope-length 90 cm chains end at the midriff or lower.


BEBI Jewellery necklaces are adjustable and available in different lengths, ranging from 16” to 30”. When measuring the necklace, it is important to measure the entire circumference. To measure yourself, look in the mirror and place a ribbon or string around your neck bringing the ends together where you feel the length would be right for you. Mark the point and measure the length of the ribbon/string. A flexible measuring tape can be the handiest tool to measure for necklace lengths.

To make it easy for you to find the right length, we have created an illustration showing how long a necklace of a certain length will reach. Please note that the length will vary according to your shape and size.

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